Saturday, 22 June 2013


It's been pretty hazy lately, and the PSI has reached haze-ardous levels *ba dum tss*. (Lame) jokes aside, I've finally gone out of the house and to town after many days of cooping up at home! The haze toned down a little so today was like a breath of fresh air, literally. I decided to wear out my self-made organza dress that I've been itching to wear.

I was inspired to do this diy after seeing Style Nanda's mini floral dress:

Photo from

I fell in love with the cutting as it was so simple yet had an edge to it. As for the choice of cloth, I went along with this Spring's sheer clothing trend, along with a bit of a futuristic element. Making this dress took me almost 9 hours, because I'm pretty new at using the sewing machine. Albeit the time I spent on it, the needlework is still.....pretty bad. Plentiful folds and ugly seams. Nevertheless, I was pretty proud of my final product.

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  1. Love your dress!! Nice post<3