Friday, 31 August 2012

beautiful disaster

Finally, the September break has arrived! School has been so hectic, with me still being in the midst of exams. I'm feeling really drained, thank god for this break. And this also means that I get to paint my nails whoo~ I decided to try this really gorgeous nail tutorial that I found and I must say.... it didn't turn out as what it's supposed to. Maybe it was the brush I was using, or the type of nail polish I was using (self-denial). But though it looks NOTHING like the expected results, I still like it! It's supposed impressionistic designed turned out as a mess of colours, a beautiful mess of colours. It kinda looks like I got acrylic paint on my nails and couldn't get them removed, but whatever, it's cool (for me, at least).
And that's my armcandy and bling to the wedding dress exhibition today. The exhibition was AMAZING we could really see how the wedding fashion has progressed and changed over centuries.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I'm not a very keen animal lover, but I really do like animal prints or having some animal related stuff in my outfit. I think fur (FAUX fur, not real fur, that's just cruel) has so much class, but people will think I'm crazy if I wear fur in this insanely hot and sunny country. So I settle with prints, like leopard prints, zebra prints, so on so forth. Recently, though, owning pieces with just the animals' prints alone wasn't enough, and I decided to venture out to pieces that consist of the whole creature on it. And therefore I got this tiger print bomber jacket from River Island.
I am suuuuuuper happy with this bomber jacket, because I got it at such a great price! I've basically saved 70% by buying it from the online store instead of buying it from the RI stores in Singapore, so it felt like such an awesome deal~ (Dear lord....feeling like a typical Singaporean chanting "cheap, cheap, cheap!" right now.)
Not forgetting my favourite elephant ring! And flatforms (very comfortable and easy to run in).

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Nude, cream, black. They may be the neutral colours, yet they scream chic. When I get tired of wearing bold colours, neutrals are the way to go.
Got a henna during a carnival. Love it!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Faith, trust, and a little pixie dust

Floral crowns really pretty and it so fairy-ish, and I've always wanted one! But they're really hard to find in Singapore, and those that I've found are somewhat pricey. Then, I came across a tutorial video on how to make one on your own on The Fashion Citizen's Youtube channel (video link: ) and I was super excited! Floral crowns for those who have a tight budget!
DIY striped nails~ Kinda chipped already though.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It's you! It's me! And there's dancing!

This was my outfit to my school's annual dance concert. Got the body chain necklace from Topshop. I love how they made it pearly, so it's like kinda badass, yet with a hint of girly-ness.