Sunday, 12 August 2012


I'm not a very keen animal lover, but I really do like animal prints or having some animal related stuff in my outfit. I think fur (FAUX fur, not real fur, that's just cruel) has so much class, but people will think I'm crazy if I wear fur in this insanely hot and sunny country. So I settle with prints, like leopard prints, zebra prints, so on so forth. Recently, though, owning pieces with just the animals' prints alone wasn't enough, and I decided to venture out to pieces that consist of the whole creature on it. And therefore I got this tiger print bomber jacket from River Island.
I am suuuuuuper happy with this bomber jacket, because I got it at such a great price! I've basically saved 70% by buying it from the online store instead of buying it from the RI stores in Singapore, so it felt like such an awesome deal~ (Dear lord....feeling like a typical Singaporean chanting "cheap, cheap, cheap!" right now.)
Not forgetting my favourite elephant ring! And flatforms (very comfortable and easy to run in).

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  1. Hi dear! Dropping by from Lookbook and you look great in this jacket!

    ♡ Jaslin from